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TAKE 5 is a University of Nebraska-Lincoln research based program designed for educators, wellness professionals, parents, community leaders, and anyone interested in guiding youth to better social-emotional wellness.

Certified TAKE 5 Teachers guide youth to:

• Learn techniques to self-regulate behavior and emotions
• Develop peace and stillness in the midst of chaos
• Quiet the mind to become more receptive to learning
• Build self-awareness and self-responsibility
• Improve confidence and self-esteem
• Reduce anxiety, depression and anger 


Through the use of breathing practices, concentration techniques, drawing/journaling, and exercise/movement, we bring greater awareness to body, mind, and internal conflict. Young children become more able to navigate the demands of our ever-changing environment.

About TAKE 5

The premise is simple -- teach children yoga-based breathing practices, concentration techniques, exercises/movements and conflict-resolution skills allowing them to quell the inner turmoil in just five minutes.The TAKE 5 Program is based on the need for a holistic approach to childhood mental wellness in the schools. Teacher certifications for adults available!

Get certified to teach TAKE 5. Accessible and affordable three-hour certification program for adults focusing on fundamental mindfulness practices condensed into five-minute activities which aim to refocus and empower students.

Certifications available in-studio, online or in your town. Not interested in becoming a teacher? There are many impactful ways to get involved. We need you!

Guide youth to learn techniques to self-regulate behavior and emotions. Quiet the mind to become more receptive to learning. Build self-awareness and self-responsibility. Improve confidence and self-esteem. Reduce anxiety, depression and anger. To address and manage behavior issues that lead to childhood obesity, stress, self-abuse, bullying, and violent behavior of all kinds.

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